Enjoy the outdoor life a little longer with a Qlima patio heater. Perfect for use on a terrace, balcony or in your garden. 

Qlima offers patio heaters that run on gas or electricity. We have a suitable solution for every situation. For large outdoor areas as well as small balconies, Qlima has a heat source for those long cosy evenings outdoors.


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Organic rubbish, like vegetables, fruit, bread and leftovers, can cause unpleasant odours and attract vermin in your kitchen. It is a process that starts quickly and is not that easy to stop. The Qlima waste reducer is the solution to this problem.

This household appliance processes the waste in an innovative way. The organic rubbish is dehydrated, as it were, reducing the volume by an incredible 80%. 


Find out how to reduce your waste by 80%

About Qlima

About Qlima

Qlima Premium Quality Fuels

The security of Qlima Premium Quality Fuels: highest quality, highest yield, and greatest comfort.

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35 years experience in Climate Control

Qlima is a registered trademark of PVG. PVG is one of the major European market players in climate control products for the domestic use...

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