Our story

At Qlima, we make you feel comfortable

at home. We deliver solutions that help you

to create a comfortable climate.

Whether it’s about the temperature, humidity, or purity of your air, we’ve got a perfect solution for you. With intuitive controls, clear instructions and a helpful customer care you can be comfortable as easily as one, two, three.  

Our well-designed products are easy on the eyes and blend perfectly into your interior. They’re also built to last, but you can always count on our service department if you ever need a repair or replacement. 
Enjoy every season with Qlima. 
The perfect climate 
The air quality in your home is a determining factor for the well-being of you and your family. The temperature, humidity, purity, smell, circulation and oxygen content of the air affect our senses and determine our state of mind. Qlima helps to optimize the climate in your home, so that you can safely and comfortably enjoy the time you spend at home. 

To make it as comfortable as possible for you, our products are easy to use. They are easy to operate, have a clear manual and should you find yourself at a loss, our service department is ready to help you. 

Blend-in design 
We value the functionality of our products, but we also want them to fit seamlessly into any interior. You can choose from a variety of designs and colours, so you will always find one that suits you best. 

Long lifetime 
We are constantly working on innovations in technology and design, unconditionally opting for sustainable solutions. Not only do we ensure that our products last as long as possible, but we also ensure that they meet all safety requirements and standards. 
We also stock spare parts for all our products, in case something unexpectedly breaks. Even for older models, you can reorder them in most cases. That way, our products last a lifetime.