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Airconditioners with inverter technology

Airconditioners with inverter technologyQlima's innovative inverter technology switches the compressor gradually to a lower level when the desired, preset temperature is reached. The airconditioner then uses minimal energy to maintain that temperature.This in contrast with a conventional compressor that only has one engine speed and thus always has to be switched on and off.

Qlima air conditioners with inverter technology

Another advantage is that new inverters of our Qlima air conditioners are much more silent. The Inverter technology reduces the consumption of energy: it consumes up to 35% less power than a conventional airconditioner. All airconditioners with the Inverter technology operate on the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.These inverters have a higher cooling capacity than conventional wall mounted air conditioners, even though they use less energy. You will also notice the difference when heating the room: for 1 kW power you get back up to 4 kW of heat.