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Make that summer feeling last longer!

undefinedundefinedAre those summer evenings becoming a bit chillier, but would you still like to sit outside on your patio or in the garden? Relaxing with a book or drinking a glass of wine and chatting with your friends late into the evening? With a Qlima patio heater, you can take advantage of the outdoors for longer. It’s comfort and cosiness rolled into one!

Always nice and warm

Fire pits or outdoor fireplaces are also good sources of warmth, but they do have a few disadvantages. The heat they radiate doesn’t reach as far, so you never really get that snug, warm feeling. Also, there’s all that mess to be cleaned up after you’ve used a wood-burning fireplace. With a Qlima gas patio heater, you don’t have those disadvantages. It’s simple to operate and you can feel the heat within a few seconds. What’s more, you can adjust the heat setting and change it so that it’s always at the temperature that suits you. And another advantage: no fire mess to clean up but a lovely glowing flame instead! A Qlima patio heater gives you that luxurious and comfortable feeling of a long summer evening in the outdoor air.

Practical and safe

Apart from giving it its stylish shape, designers had an eye for the practical and safety aspects when developing the heater. The patio heater is fitted with wheels, which means that it is easy to move to any spot you like. The patio heaters are equipped with an anti-tip device. The patio heater can also be placed under a roof without constituting any kind of fire hazard.

Qlima patio heaters are fuelled by propane or butane gas, and the gas cylinders required are widely and readily available. They have a high capacity of an unbelievable 5000 to 13,000 Watts. Depending on the weather and the wind, you can heat a roofed area of up to an incredible 110 m². The Qlima range of gas patio heaters comprises two different models.

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