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Qlima paraffin heaters

Qlima paraffin heatersQlima paraffin heaters can be used almost anywhere.

Our Qlima paraffin heaters can be used to warm up selected rooms only, without having to install piping or a chimney. Furthermore, they convert almost all fuel to warmth, so these heaters are very energy-efficient. The comfortable radiation improves the atmosphere in your home, while saving on your monthly energy costs.

Since the Qlima paraffin heaters do not need exchaust pipes or chimneys, they can be used pretty much anywhere to provide a pleasant, directly noticeable warmth. Several of our heater models do not even require electricity. You just need to ensure adequate ventilation. This makes these paraffin heaters a perfect solution when targeted (additional) heating is needed.

Safety first

Qlima heaters are extremely easy to use. All our heaters have been tested by accredited testing institutes and bear the CE mark. They all have a safety stop and a tip-over safety switch.

Qlima heaters are an extremely durable choice. On almost all our heaters, you are ensured a 4-year guarantee.