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Paraffin heater, ideal for attic, workshop, or hobby room

Estufa de petróleo; calefacción ideal para ático, lugar de trabajo o taller

A garage, shed, workshop, attic, mobile home, or houseboat does not usually have central heating. To ensure a comfortable stay in these living, working or hobby rooms, electric heaters may seem a good solution. However, they are expensive to use and it takes a long time before the whole room is comfortably warm. Thanks to the energy-efficient paraffin heater, you will have a clever solution, even if the room does not have a power connection!

Around the year, we like to spend time in these living, working or hobby rooms. Sometimes only an hour, often longer. And each time you want to get going immediately. The mobile Qlima heater is started up in 30 seconds and within 5 minutes the room will be filled with comfortable radiant heat. The instantaneousness and type of heating are incomparable to the warmth provided by an electric heater. You will find that the warmth provided by a Qlima heater feels like hugging a warm blanket. Snug and comfortable.


Keeping rooms free from frost

As opposed to an electric heater, a Qlima electronically fired paraffin heater will offer additional comfort throughout the winter. This so-called Laser heater is used to keep the temperature in a room above zero, even during the coldest of winters. The built-in frost protection will permanently monitor the ambient temperature. Whenever the temperature drops to below 5°C, the heater will turn itself on automatically for a short while. This will keep the worst cold at a distance. Ideal, for example, for your shed, garage, workshop, or holiday home.

Mobile heater

The compact Qlima heaters are easily moved. As a result, they are ultimately suitable for (additional) heating in a conservatory, summerhouse, holiday home, mobile home, or tent. Cool mornings and evenings are spent in comfort. With just one push on the button, the heater is switched on, and you will have created a warm, pleasant atmosphere.