Info and support Paraffin Heaters

Localised heating: clever, fast, and economical

slimmer, sneller en zuiniger verwarmen met een PetroleumkachelAs the temperature outside drops, people tend to turn up the thermostat. This is a very costly way of heating, and a highly inefficient one at that. Especially in spring and autumn, when the central heating system is started up just to heat up a single room, for example the kitchen or the living room. And if a room does not have any central heating, an alternative solution has to be found. An economical and excellent alternative for both situations is the mobile paraffin heater.

Because paraffin heaters do not need an exhaust flue, nor gas or - in some cases - even electricity, these heaters are always ready for use. And they are easily moved from one room to another. The heaters are fired up within 30 seconds, and within 5 minutes the whole room will be comfortably warm.

Add to this the low energy consumption and a high capacity, and - voilà - you have the ideal form of heating, whether it is your main heater or just an additional one. Warm up your living space, holiday room, or workshop and save hundreds of euros on your energy bill. 

Advantages of a paraffin heater:

  • For any living space, holiday room, or workshop
  • No electricity, gas, or exhaust flue needed
  • Ready within 30 seconds
  • Comfortably warm within 5 minutes
  • Ideal for rooms with a surface area of between 15 and 75 m2
  • Energy efficiency approaching 100%
  • Low energy consumption, 20 litres will heat a room for up to 100 hours
  • Much more economical than electric heating systems
  • The warmth provided cannot be compared to electric heating
  • Many additional comfort options, including a thermostat, a frost protection device, and a timer

Low energy consumption and high efficiency

With no exhaust flue or piping, these heaters have an energy efficiency approaching 100%. In this clever heating system, virtually all fuel is converted into heat. Thanks to their low fuel consumption - just one litre of fuel will provide up to 5 hours of comfortable warmth - you will be able to warm up a room for almost 100 hours using just 20 litres of fuel. This heater’s energy consumption is extraordinarily low. In combination with the localised heating of rooms, you will be able to save immense amounts on your energy bill.