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Advantages of a paraffin heater over a gas or electric heater

Voordelen Petroleumkachel t.o.v. Gaskachel of Elektrische KachelIf you are looking for a mobile heating solution, there are basically three options available to you: an electric heater, a mobile gas heater, or a paraffin heater. You will find that a Qlima paraffin heater stands out because of its economy, safety, and comfort. What’s more: it has a 4-year warranty.

Safety first

Of course, a heating solution should provide warmth. But safety is very important as well. Qlima paraffin heaters are ultimately safe to use. Should anything happen to negatively affect the operation of the heater, it will switch itself off automatically. Which is something a gas or electric heater will not always do. In case of gas heaters, for example, you may not notice anything wrong with their combustion until it is too late. And an electric heater will not warn you against covering it. This may result in a fire or the singeing of fabric. Qlima Laser paraffin heaters are equipped with a timer, a childproof lock, and a frost protection device. The four-year warranty on a Qlima paraffin heater has not been provided for no reason!

Low consumption

One of the main advantages of a paraffin heater is its low fuel consumption. The heaters run on special Qlima Premium Quality Fuel. Just one litre of fuel will warm up your room for up to five hours. Moreover, Qlima paraffin heaters are very user-friendly and easy to adjust.

Comfortably warm

Not only are Qlima paraffin heaters very economic and user-friendly, they will also keep you comfortably warm. Many people compare the warmth provided by paraffin heaters to the snugness of a warm blanket. Which is quite different from the heat experienced from a gas or electric heater. A Qlima paraffin heater will warm up the room to be heated to the desired temperature within just 5 minutes. 

Qlima market leader in Europe

For over 30 years Qlima has continued to develop the paraffin heater. There are two types of Qlima paraffin heaters. Both types feature high-quality materials and a 4-year warranty as a standard. A wick heater does not need a power connection. Laser heaters require little power to operate the electronically fired heater, but provide greater comfort.