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Dehumidifiers help to maintain a healthy humidity level in your home

Dehumidifiers help to maintain a healthy humidity level in your homeThe humidity level in our house is determined by several factors. The weather and the way your house is built and insulated play a significant role, but the temperature in the house also has its effect.

Drying your laundry and showering will cause the humidity level to raise. Using the central heating and / or a fire place will lower the humidity level. Better for you and your belongings.

It is clear that too much or too little moisture in the air can lead to health problems and property damage. By keeping the relative humidity at a comfortable level (around 50%), you create a clean and healthy indoor climate. It may provide relief from asthma and rheumatic diseases and has proven pleasant for people with certain allergies. Fungi and bacteria thrive in a moist environment.

Alternatively, dry air causes irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Moreover, a good humidity level will help preserve your paint and plaster, wallpaper, valuable furniture and equipment.

Qlima dehumidifiers and humidifiers Ventilation is often part of the solution. If this is not possible, moisture problems will probably increase. In this case, Qlima can help you improve your indoor climate. Our dehumidifiers and humidifiers are all easy to operate and to move and have a hygrometer to measure the humidity level indoors. All you need is an outlet.