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Purifiers for clean air in your home

purifiers for clean air in your homeNowadays, polluted air in the house is a serious problem. Especially since many houses are so well insulated and there hardly is any natural ventilation. Active ventilation is advised, but in areas with heavy traffic or industry this is not always possible. The home environment is often a source of complaints. In every room there are dust mites, dust, bacteria and other allergens.

You do not see them, but you can feel them, especially if you suffer from breathlessness or asthma or if you are allergic to certain elements in the air. A contaminated indoor environment is often the cause of stress, headaches, chronic colds and general complaints of discomfort. This asks for a fresh, healthy indoor air.

Qlima purifiers for clean air in your home

A Qlima air purifier is an excellent solution to reduce or prevent all these symptoms. Qlima, purifies the air in your home!