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FAQ Dehumidifiers

Can I use plain tap water?

You can use tap water with a humidifier. If there is no water descaler or water filter, we often recommend using a little water with vinegar to gently clean the device inside.

Should I use hot or cold water in my humidifier?

Always use cold, clean (tap) water to fill the humidifier's water tank.

Can I leave my humidifier permanently on?

The Qlima humidifier is designed to be in permanent operation.  

Why does my humidifier first heat the water and then cool it down?

This is the so-called sterilisation function. By first heating the water to 70 degrees and then cooling it back to 30 degrees, bacteria are killed and the room is safely humidified.  

What is the kind of white powder coming out of the humidifier?

This is not a defect. The white powder is formed by minerals, including lime, in the water. If you use demineralised water (demi water), you will not have this problem.

Manuals & Documents

Where can I find the manual

You'll find the manual in the box. If you no longer have the manual, check it out online.


How often should the water of a humidifier be changed?
  • The water should be changed every day. In calcium-rich areas, the inside of the device should be cleaned daily to prevent clogging. This can be done with cleaning vinegar. If necessary, distilled water can be used to prevent limescale.
How do you store the product at the end of the season?

Pack the unit properly and store it in a cool, dry place (preferably in the original packaging).

Trouble shooting

My product displays an error code

View the list of error codes and possible solutions in the manual.

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