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FAQ Liquid Laser fuel heaters

The heater does not stop when the set temperature is reached

Press the Save (piggy bank) button.
If you set a temperature on the Laser heater, e.g. 19 degrees, and then press the Save button, the Laser heater will operate at the highest burner setting towards 19 degrees. 


When a sensor at the Laser stove senses 19 degrees, the burner setting will be lowered but the Laser stove will continue to spread heat. 
When a sensor at the Laser stove senses +/- 3 degrees higher than 19 degrees, the Laser stove will stop and when the sensor senses a reading of +/- 1 degree below 19 degrees, the Laser stove will start again. 

Can I use different types of fuel interchangeably in a Qlima paraffin heater?

Never mix different types of fuel e.g. Qlima Extra with Qlima Kristal. These products have a different viscosity (fluidity). This could cause malfunctions in the appliance. If you switch to another type of fuel, burn the stove completely empty and also empty the lower tank completely before filling the stove with the new fuel. 

Manuals & Documents

Where can I find the manual

You'll find the manual in the box. If you no longer have the manual, check it out online.


What maintenance is required for my Laser heater?
  • Clean the exterior of the heater with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt.
    Check and clean or replace the removable tank filters if necessary.
    Clean the fuel tank after use and check for leaks.
    Always use Qlima premium quality fuel to avoid clogging your heater.
    Refer to the user manual for specific instructions on maintaining the appliance.
How do you store the product at the end of the season?

Pack the unit properly and store it in a cool, dry place (preferably in the original packaging).

Trouble shooting

What do the error codes on my display mean?
  • E02/E03 - The Laser heater has detected contamination and/or moisture causing the heater to fail. The advice is to clean the front and rear air grille thoroughly, clean the fuel filter under the change tank and if there is any older fuel in the Laser heater.
    E07 - The heater has detected too high an ambient temperature, ventilate the room and restart the stove. 
    E09 - The heater has shut down because a sensor in the Laser heater has detected an airflow that is too hot. Is there any dust at the fan grille or at the fan that does not allow enough oxygen to pass through the Laser heater. Make sure the Laser heater is free to allow proper circulation of air around the Laser heater. 
    E13 - The Laser heater has stopped because there is not enough oxygen. This will give you incomplete combustion, triggering the stove's safety device.  Make sure the room is well ventilated and that the Laser heater is unobstructed so that there is good air circulation around the stove.
    E17 - The Laser heater stopped due to insufficient ventilation in the room. If there is insufficient ventilation in the room and/or poor circulation of air around the Laser heater, when the error message E17 appears in the display, you can take steps to improve ventilation or carefully place the Laser heater somewhere where air circulation around the Laser heater is better. If nothing happens at that point, error message E13 will switch on and the Laser heater will start to stop.  
    Time - The heater is automatically switched off due to a power failure, restore power failure or restore connection, turn the stove back on. 
    No fuel - The heater is not getting enough fuel which has caused it to shut down. Check that the filler cap on the change tank is straight and that the change tank is properly positioned on the fuel filter, clean the fuel filter with high-quality fuels and check that the nipple/ float in the filler cap is properly depressed by the filter. 

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