Foldable gas heater GH 342 RV

Foldable gas heater

GH 342 RV

Heater gas

Heater gas

Comfortable heat

Comfortable heat



(Dis)assemble in only 2 minutes

(Dis)assemble in only 2 minutes

Foldable gas heater 2-in-1 2-in-1 connector GH 342 RV black

Foldable gas heater Always be nice and warm, wherever you are. Inexpensive, flexible heating for use in an awning, camping spot or workshop. Foldable and can be easily stored in a handy carrying bag.
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Just fold and go! When you first hear about it, it might take you a moment to visualise a folding heater... but it really does exist! A gas heater is ideal for camping or other holiday destinations. Generally speaking, a portable gas heater takes up quite a lot of space, but Qlima offers several gas heaters like the GH 342 RV and the GH 142 RV, which you can simply fold down flat and place in the carrying bag. This makes it a lot easier to take with you, although a folding gas heater is even great for use in the workshop. In the car boot Qlima's folding gas heaters are unique in their category. They allow you to save a good deal of space in the car boot, caravan or trailer. The Qlima GH 342 RV is is suitable for use with gas cylinders of up to 15 kg and a pressure of 30 mbar. The size of the folding heater is about the same as the size of a standard bedside table, and once folded, it is the size of 1.5 gas heaters. It also comes in a smaller black and white designer model, which works with small gas cylinders. Inexpensive and simple A mobile gas heater is not only cheap to buy, but also very simple to use. It has wheels underneath it so you can easily push it to wherever you need. To activate combustion, all you do is push the button on the heater. This is called piezo ignition. When you have finished using it, just allow the heater to cool down and then fold it up and store it in your awning, caravan or workshop.

All benefits

  • check Heater gas
  • check Comfortable heat
  • check Foldable
  • check (Dis)assemble in only 2 minutes
  • check Including convenient carrier/storage bag
  • check Piëzo ignition
  • check Adjustable temperature
  • check Oxygen detection safety system
  • check Tip-over safety switch
  • check Portable


Product name Foldable gas heater 2-in-1 2-in-1 connector GH 342 RV black

EAN code 8713508791067

Model GH 342 RV

Colour Black

Product type Foldable gas heater

Weight - unit (kg) 10

Dimensions (w x d x h) (mm) 422 x 473 x 743

Energy class A

Included - remote control No

Safety features Tip-over switch

Autonomy (max.) 138

Heating capacity per step - gas 3 (1500 / 2800 / 4200)

Heating capacity - gas (max.) 4.2

Heating capacity - gas (min.) 1.5

Heating capacity steps - gas 3

Gas fuel consumption 117/200/305

Energy efficiency class A

Diameter - gas cylinder (max.) 320

Gas type category I3+(28~30/37), I3B/P(30)

Height - gas cylinder (max.) 615

Gas cylinder capacity (max.) 15

Ignition - type Piezoelectric

Gas pressure (min.) 28

Gas pressure (max.) 50

Oxygen depletion system (ODS) Yes

Tilt protection Yes

Gas fuel consumption (max.) 0.3

Gas connection 2-in-1 Connector

Regulator included without regulator

Gas fuel consumption (max.) 305

Gas fuel consumption (min.) 117

Heating type Ceramic plate thermal radiation

For rooms up to (m³) 63 - 135

For areas up to (m²) 25 - 54

Weight - unit (kg) 10.00

Manuals and documentation

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Including convenient carrier/storage bag Including convenient carrier/storage bag
  • Piëzo ignition Piëzo ignition
  • Adjustable temperature Adjustable temperature
  • Oxygen detection safety system Oxygen detection safety system
  • Portable Portable