Dehumidifier D 630 P SMART



Smart connect

Smart connect

30 Litre tank

30 Litre tank



Timer function

Timer function

Dehumidifier D 630 P SMART white/black

Get rid of steamed-up windows, moisture and mold. The Qlima D 630P Smart reduces the moist level in next to no time. The continuous drainage with built-in water pump means the dehumidifier can drain the excess moisture even if you are not there to empty the water container. The model is equipped with a timer function, filter, hygrometer, WiFi remote operation and a special mode to dry laundry in a quick way. A dehumidified room is a healthy living environment for the entire family!
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D630 P Smart: lower humidity at lightning speed Do you suffer with fusty air, steamed-up windows or damp patches that slowly transform into mold patches? You don't have to put up with all these things. The Qlima D 630P Smart dehumidifier provides the perfect solution for powerfully tackling humidity problems, It ensures that moisture levels are significantly lowered in a short time. That way, you can transform your home into a healthy living environment for the whole family. Moisture, moisture everywhere! You might not realize this, but the average family produces 10 to 15 L of moisture in the home. Every day! That's just through activities such as cooking, doing the laundry and showering or bathing – and even through breathing. As long as the house remains well ventilated, this won't cause any issues. If the moisture remains within the house however, it can result in annoying health problems. There are plenty of indications that a house that is holding too much moisture – mold on the walls and windows and steamed-up mirrors are the first signs. The biggest and the smartest Looking at the entire Qlima dehumidifier range, the D630 P Smart is the biggest, most powerful and most advanced of them all. The unit is capable of easily extracting numerous litres of moisture each day. That is why it is suitable for larger rooms in the home, up to 200 m³. That said, its integrated wheels make it easy to move between rooms. The model includes an integrated water pump, timer function, special filter, hygrometer (used to display the humidity percentage) and a digital display that is easy to read. It's actually just as easy to control the dehumidifier from your sofa or indeed any other room in the house using the operating app on your mobile. The D 630P Smart also has WiFi capability. That makes the D 630P Smart very well suited to those places where you spend less time. After all, you can still check how everything is going on a daily basis using the app. And the app also displays error messages. Water pump for automatic drainage The D 630P Smart is the only Qlima dehumidifier to include an integrated water pump. Why is that such a big advantage? At full power, this pump can extract the water from the reservoir into a drain outlet by itself. This is done automatically and without any of the hassle of needing to empty a reservoir. Even if the drain happens to be metres away, it's still not a problem for this unit. Advantages of the D 630P Smart: the biggest, quietest and smartest • Can extract up to 30 L per day in rooms measuring up to 200 m³* • Automatic drainage of water thanks to integrated water pump • Has two fan speeds • The timer function allows you to preprogram the dehumidifying start time. • Includes a special laundry setting to speed up the drying of laundry within a room • The caster wheels make it easy to move the unit from one room to another. • Stylish design • Option to control it remotely using a smart phone or tablet over Wi-Fi connection • At 34 dB, the unit is practically silent • Consumes only a little energy at 0.58 kW per hour * This is an indication of the surface area. We based this on homes with an average ceiling height. I'm going away and I'm taking with me... No matter whether you're staying in a cottage, chalet or mobile home, the D 630P Smart can be really useful. A heater will be used less often in one of these locations than in your permanent residence. That means that the rooms may not be kept as dry, which is why a dehumidifier can quickly put an end to any issues. Not too humid and not too dry: how to get it just right Humidity is expressed as the percentage of moisture in the air. You can easily measure this level yourself at home. A (simple) digital hygrometer provides the most reliable result. If you have a humidity level of between 40% and 60%, you've got things just right. If the humidity level reaches higher than 60% the air in the room is too humid, which provides a perfect breeding ground for mould. Fortunately you can quickly put an end to all this by using the Qlima D630P Smart dehumidifier. If the humidity percentage is lower than 40%, the air is too dry. You might well notice this in your home in the long run since it may result in you experiencing dry eyes or lips, or irritated airways. You may also find that wooden furniture suddenly starts to sag or even crack. It's easy to remedy dry air by using a humidifier instead of a dehumidifier. Why not take a look at these Qlima humidifiers. Did you know that a dehumidifier… 1. ... can also dry your laundry more quickly on days when there is a high level of moisture in the air? 2 … can also indirectly contribute to a lower energy bill? It is much harder to heat humid air than it is to heat drier air. 3. … could put an end to silverfish swarming around? That's because they particularly love being in humid environments. 4. … is also great to use on a boat. This is pretty useful when you consider that high levels of humidity can be possible while storing the boat during winter. 5. … can also clean the air a little? Dirt and dust will remain on the filter. Do you need a permanent solution for cleaning the air? Maybe our air purifiers could be an option.

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Product name Dehumidifier D 630 P SMART white/black

EAN code 8713508709536

Model D 630 P SMART

Colour White

Product type Dehumidifier

Weight - unit (kg) 16.5

Dimensions (w x d x h) (mm) 371 x 251 x 595

Refrigerant - type R290

Timer function Yes

Defrost function Yes

Sleep mode No

Capacity tank (l) 6

Protection class IPX0

Fan speeds 2

Included filters Screen

Included - remote control No

Continuous drain tube Yes

Turbo function No

Auto restart Yes

Removable watertank Yes

Dehumidifying capacity at 30°c / 80% RH (l/24h) 30

Energy consumption - dehumidification mode at 30°c / 80% RH (kW) 0.58

Sound pressure noise level at 1 m (SPL) (dB(A)) 45

Hygrometer Yes

Hygrostat Yes

Airflow (m³/h) 120

Air outlet - position top

Timer setting (max.) 24

Ionizer No

Negative ion generator No

Fan diameter (mm) 95

Water level indicator Yes

Airflow - silent mode (m³/h) 120

Fan - rotation speed (rpm) 870/750

For rooms up to (m³) 160 - 200

For areas up to (m²) 64 - 80

Weight - unit (kg) 16.50

Manuals and documentation

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in drain pump Built-in drain pump
  • Auto stop (full water tank) Auto stop (full water tank)
  • Plug&play Plug&play
  • Dehumidifier Dehumidifier