Cold room dehumidifier DD 208

Cold room dehumidifier

DD 208

Perfect performance in cold rooms

Perfect performance in cold rooms



Timer function

Timer function



Cold room dehumidifier DD 208 white

This dehumidifier is the perfect choice for use in your cellar, caravan or summerhouse since it is specially designed to work in low temperatures. And it is one of the few that does! Moisture can be quickly removed from the air, while the built-in filters and ionisation feature improve air quality. It's easy to set your desired humidity level on the display and there is also the option to use a timer function.
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DD 208: the answer to your problems Are you looking for a dehumidifier that performs well in colder rooms at home? Then you'll need the Qlima DD 208. This dehumidifier works well at any temperature, including in garages, basements or other cooler rooms. That's actually quite unique. One big extra advantage of this is that once the humidity percentage has been lowered, the stale air in the damp room will soon disappear too. This is because it has integrated filters and an ionisation feature so you not only dehumidify the air at home, but also improve the quality of the air. Constant performance, even in the cold Most dehumidifiers have a compressor. This is particularly suitable for living spaces within the home. But in some spaces where it is cooler, compressors do not function as well. The DD 208, however, doesn't use a compressor but instead runs on silica gel. In this way, it is particularly suited to very cold rooms where the temperature might only be a few degrees, such as the basement. It is suitable for spaces up to 30 m² and can extract up to 8 litres each day. Compared with the powerful Qlima D 630P Smart or the Qlima D 225, it may not seem like a lot, but whereas those type of dehumidifiers with compressors will experience a decrease in capacity at lower temperatures, 8 litres will remain 8 litres with the DD208. Is the water reservoir full? Then you will receive a message to empty it. Good for the room and good for your possessions Want to know about other areas in which the DD 208 really comes into its own? Archives, music rooms or any other storage area where your items don't want to get damp. To be honest, it is great for use in any room when moisture can be a problem that you would rather avoid. One added advantage is that you then won't need to heat these rooms if you turn on the dehumidifier occasionally. What would normally happen is that you turn on the thermostat which can then be left off or set at a lower temperature. Also useful in cottages and chalets Almost all dehumidifiers are intended for use in rooms where you live, but the DD208 also does a great job in second or holiday homes such as a cottage, chalet or caravan. A heater will be used less often in one of these locations than in your main home. That means that the space may not be kept as dry and can become damp more quickly. The DD208 effortlessly removes large quantities of moisture from the air and is the best dehumidifier for colder rooms with little heating. Advantages of the DD 208: the answer to your problems • This is one of the few dehumidifiers that will do the job even at low temperatures • Can extract up to 8 L per day in rooms measuring up to 30 m2 • Receive a notification when the water reservoir is full • The timer function allows you to pre-program the dehumidifying start time. • It's easy to set your desired humidity level on the display • Integrated filters and ionisation function • Consumes only a little energy at 0.65 kW per hour • Comes with a 2 m drainage hose Not too humid and not too dry: how to get it just right Humidity is expressed as the percentage of moisture in the air. You can easily measure this level yourself at home. A (simple) digital hygrometer provides the most reliable result. If you have a humidity level of between 40% and 60%, you've got things just right. If the humidity level reaches higher than 60% the air in the room is too humid, which provides a perfect breeding ground for mould. Fortunately you can quickly put an end to all this by using the Qlima DD 208 dehumidifier. If the humidity percentage is lower than 40%, the air is too dry. You might well notice this in your home in the long run, too, since it may result in you experiencing dry eyes or lips, or irritated airways. You may also find that wooden furniture suddenly starts to sag or even crack. It's easy to remedy dry air by using a humidifier instead of a dehumidifier. Why not take a look at these Qlima humidifiers. Did you know that a dehumidifier… 1. ... can also dry your laundry more quickly on days when there is a high level of moisture in the air? 2 … can also indirectly contribute to a lower energy bill? It is much harder to heat humid air than it is to heat drier air. 3. … could put an end to silverfish swarming around? That's because they particularly love being in humid environments. 4. … is also great to use on a boat. This is pretty useful when you consider that high levels of humidity can be possible while storing the boat during winter. 5. … can also clean the air a little? Dirt and dust will remain on the filter. Do you need a permanent solution for cleaning the air? Maybe our air purifiers could be an option.

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Product name Cold room dehumidifier DD 208 white

EAN code 8713508776088

Model DD 208

Colour White

Product type Cold room dehumidifier

Weight - unit (kg) 6.3

Dimensions (w x d x h) (mm) 351 x 180 x 500

Timer function Yes

Defrost function Yes

Sleep mode No

Capacity tank (l) 2

Protection class IPX0

Fan speeds 3

Included filters Sheet

Included - remote control No

Continuous drain tube Yes

Turbo function No

Auto restart Yes

Removable watertank Yes

Dehumidifying capacity at 30°c / 80% RH (l/24h) 8

Energy consumption - dehumidification mode at 30°c / 80% RH (kW) 0.65

Airflow (m³/h) 120

Timer setting (max.) 1, 2, 4 & 8

Ionizer Yes

Negative ions generated 2.00⁶

Airflow - silent mode (m³/h) 120

For rooms up to (m³) 50 - 75

For areas up to (m²) 20 - 30

Weight - unit (kg) 6.30

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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Dehumidifier Dehumidifier
  • Dehumidifier Dehumidifier