• GFA1010
  • GFA1010
EAN: 8713508776569

The Qlima GFA 1010 is a powerful gas forced air heater. Ideal for heating large spaces such as garages, workshops and sheds.

The Qlima GFA 1010 works on butane or propane and offers a capacity of 10 kW. The GFA 1010 quickly warms up to max. 160 m³.

The Qlima GFA 1010 is equipped with an overheating protection and a flame detection system (FSD).

Product sheet

PS_GFA1010_22 _ENGLISH.pdf
PS_GFA1010_22 _ESPAGNOL.pdf
PS_GFA1010_22 _FRANCAIS.pdf
PS_GFA1010_22 _ITALIANO.pdf

Specifications GFA1010

EAN 8713508776569
Heat output (kW) 10
Suitable heating area (m³) 160
Consumption (g/h) 730
Air displacement (m³/hr) 320
Electric power consumption operation (W) 25
Noise level (dB(A)) 48
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