Air purifier A 68

Air purifier

A 68

Air purifier

Air purifier

HEPA filter

HEPA filter

Low noise mode

Low noise mode

Timer function

Timer function

Air purifier A 68 white/black

Effective air filtration. A better indoor climate in no time.

The Qlima A 68 is the perfect home solution for anyone suffering from allergies, hay fever or respiratory problems. The Qlima A 68 can refresh the air within a room more than three times each hour, creating a much better indoor climate. It comes with a sophisticated 3-layer filter, including a HEPA filter and ioniser. It's compact design means you can easily move the A 68 around with you.
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The Qlima A 68: a better indoor climate in no time


Proper ventilation of the home can benefit everybody. If you suffer from issues with your airways, allergies or hayfever though, it is extra important to ensure your home has clean air. The Qlima A 68 air purifier is a great choice. The special HEPA filter can absorb practically 100% of all troublesome particles from the air, thereby creating a better indoor climate.


Whether it is pollen or odours, everything is filtered

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, it is really important that the air in your home is clean. The Qlima A 68 will become your best friend when it's once more hayfever season. An air purifier like the A 68 is great for filtering pollen, thereby allowing you to remove the pollens that cause hayfever. Dust, allergens and odours are also filtered from the air by the unit, which traps them within the filter.


Want to know more about particle filtering?  This is how it works

The Qlima A 68 can refresh the air within a room more than three times each hour. Each hour, the unit can move more than 225 m³ of air. There are special filters in an air purifier that clean the air within a room, and a fan that blows air through the filters. The most important filter is a HEPA filter that is full of tiny holes through which barely anything else can pass. Before these fine particles reach the HEPA filter however, they first have to go though a coarse filter. The stage after the HEPA filter is a carbon filter, which stops unpleasant odours and ions, followed by a UV filter to kill bacteria. And that's how the Qlima A 68's sophisticated three layers of filter do their job. There is also an inbuilt ioniser, which is very important. It releases  molecular particles into the room, which then clean the air.


Benefits of an A 68 air purifierA better indoor climate in no time


  • Suitable for areas up to 68 m³
  • More than 225 m³ of air moved each hour.
  • Equipped with a sophisticated 3-layer filter system
  • Comes with a HEPA filter and ioniser
  • Equipped with 2 fans
  • Weighing 4.5 kg, the unit is easy to move around
  • Timer function to set the time in advance


Always at hand

Qlima offers lots of different products to help purify air. The A 68 functions the most effectively in the rooms in which you spend the most time, such as in the bedroom, next to the bed. Or in the living room next to the sofa. This is because the A 68 works most efficiently when the unit is targeted at a person. The model is neat and compact so it is easy to transport it between rooms. In rooms where people still smoke, it really is a must-have.

All benefits

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Product name Air purifier A 68 white/black

Label Nice

EAN code 8713508778617

Model A 68

Colour White

Product type Air purifier

Weight - unit (kg) 4.2

Dimensions (w x d x h) (mm) 215 x 176 x 585

Airflow - low/mid/high - cooling 91 / 166 / 225

Timer function Yes

Sleep mode Yes

Electric safety class II

Protection class IPX0

Fan speeds 3

Included filters Active carbon, HEPA, Pre filter

Sound pressure noise level at 1 m (SPL) (dB(A)) 42.5

Timer setting (max.) 24

Power consumption (max.) (kW) 0.05

HEPA Class E11

Air quality display Yes

Dust detector Yes

Ionizer Yes

Negative ion generator Yes

Negative ions generated 8.10⁶

Energy consumption - stand-by mode 2

Fan - rotation speed (rpm) 1300/1900/2300

For rooms up to (m³) 68

For areas up to (m²) 27

Weight - unit (kg) 4.20

Manuals and documentation

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Negative ION generation Negative ION generation
  • Germ killing UV lamp Germ killing UV lamp
  • Plug&play Plug&play
  • Portable Portable