At Qlima, we make you feel comfortable at home.
With our intuitive products, which blend perfectly
into your interior, you can easily create the perfect climate.


At Qlima, we make you feel comfortable

at home.

Solutions for every situation

Enjoy warmth and comfort

The warm world of fuel heaters

My home is humid: what should I do?

Together towards a green future 

Qlima believes in a sustainable future and the power of collaboration. This is how we help you create a comfortable indoor climate. We contribute to a healthier living environment with innovative and energy-efficient solutions. We understand that the choices we make today have a lasting impact on tomorrow. That is why we focus on the development of energy-efficient and sustainable products, we increase the lifespan and reparability of our products and we take a critical look at our packaging.

At Qlima we believe that change starts with conscious choices and that is why we remain committed to a world in which sustainability is central. Together we build a green future! For you and future generations.



Why Qlima? 


The Perfect Climate 

We deliver solutions that help you to create a comfortable climate. Whether it’s about the temperature, humidity, or purity of your air, we’ve got a perfect solution for you.



With intuitive controls, clear instructions, and a helpful customer care, you can be comfortable as easily as one, two, three.



Blend-in design

Our well-designed products are easy on the eyes and blend perfectly into your interior.



Long Lifetime

Our quality products are designed to last, but you can always count on our service department if you ever need a repair or replacement. 

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