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Stop nasty smells and flies in your kitchen


Having nasty smells and flies in your kitchen is simply not hygienic, you’ll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Qlima has the solution for you! The Qlima WR01 waste reducer. This innovation is not only the answer to your problem, it also reduces your organic rubbish by 80%. 

Environmentally friendly processing

When you’re cooking and after you’ve eaten, you always end up with organic waste, like potato peels, vegetables, pasta, bread or leftovers. The waste starts to decompose quickly, and this brings with it unpleasant odours and flies in your kitchen, which you unfortunately can’t get rid of that quickly. You want to keep this waste separate, and not throw it away with the other rubbish. The Qlima waste reducer makes it easy for you. You can use this compact household appliance from the moment you start cooking. You can put the appliance’s removable waste bin on your work top so that you can tidy up the waste while you’re cooking. Once you’re finished, you put the waste bin in the waste reducer, switch the appliance on and the environmentally friendly processing can begin. The result: your rubbish is separated, quickly tidied up, no unpleasant odours or flies and 80% less organic rubbish.

Waste dehydration

The waste is dehydrated in the waste reducer, as it were, which means that the volume is reduced by 80%. A small volume of dry material is left over once the processing has ended. It is hygienic and you can touch it, no problem. You can throw the remains on to the compost heap or even use it to start the fire for your barbecue.

Costs savings

We all try to reduce our waste and to separate it as much as possible. This is a good thing, not only for the environment, but for your purse too. The costs of collecting household rubbish can be high, so if you can save on this, all the better. The Qlima waste reducer certainly does its bit to contribute!

Attractive design

The Qlima WR01 waste reducer has an attractive and clean-cut design. You can put it on the work top or on the kitchen island, or in the bottom of the sink cabinet. You put the plug in the socket and insert the two odour filters that have activated charcoal to absorb the odours. And your waste reducer is ready for use. So plug and play, and no maintenance!