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Multi split Airconditioner

Multi split AirconditionerA Qlima multi split airconditioner is the ideal solution if you want to control the climate in several rooms in your house or office, or if you are looking for a solution to warm a big space.

The outdoor units of these wall mounted airconditioners are very powerful: you can connect up to 4 indoor units to them. The distance to the outdoor unit can be up to 15 meters. You can control and use all the indoor units separately.

The Qlima multi split airconditioners cannot only be used to cool several rooms or a large space in your house or office, but they can also be used to heat these areas in an energy-efficient way. In addition, you can deploy them to dehumidify and filter the ambient air.

All Qlima multi split units have 2 filters, to filter the air continuously and to ensure the air in the room is kept clean. All the multi split units use an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Thanks to the remote control with LCD display and the sleep timer, these airconditioners can be operated in an easy and comfortable way.