Info and support Split unit air conditioners

Mobile airco or split unit airco

undefinedVirtually all new cars are equipped with an airconditioner. That makes sense: because of all the glass the car warms up quickly in the spring and summer. With a properly functioning air conditioner the climate indoors will feel more comfortable almost immediately.

Airco in your home

Especially in the summer, temperatures seem to be rising more and more. Experts predict that the climate will change enormously, causing the climate in the Netherlands, Belgium and England to eventually become like France's climate.

Most of the houses and apartments were not designed to keep our houses cool: they often have large windows, causing the temperature indoors to rise.

We generally feel most comfortable with a temperature between 18 and 22 degrees and a relative humidity of about 50%.

Immediate comfort with a mobile airco

A Qlima mobile airco is the ideal solution if you want immediate result. It is not necessary to wait for a professional to install it. Just plug in the airconditioner, make sure the drainage hose leads outside and you are ready to use it. Simply set the desired temperature using the remote control. Since the unit is mobile, you can easily move it. Qlima mobile aircos are one of the best selling mobile airconditioners.

They all consume little energy (energy rating A), and use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.

Permanent comfort with split unit airco

It is also possible to choose a permanent solution: a Qlima wall mounted airconditioner. A compact unit with thermostat function is installed indoors, while the blower unit is installed outside. These models have an energy-efficient heat pump, so they can be used to warm your house in winter.