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Qlima Kristal: an odourless heater fuel for paraffin heaters

Qlima Kristal: an odourless heater fuel for paraffin heatersA Qlima Premium Quality Fuel for the ultimate comfort experience. Qlima Kristal will guarantee the highest level of comfort. It is odourless and will ensure a long life span for your heater and its components. It is the best heater fuel available on the market.

Thanks to a different raw material at the source and a different production process, Qlima Kristal has an aromatics concentration of 0.007% maximum, and a sulphur concentration of 0.0001% maximum. The flash point is guaranteed > 65°C minimum. Qlima Kristal meets and, in fact, surpasses the only European directive regarding fuel for paraffin heaters, which is the French directive NF 128 arrêté 25-06-2010.

The advantages of Qlima Kristal:

  • Exceeds the European directive NF 128
  • Odourless
  • Ensures an extremely long life span of heater and components
  • Isoparaffin (extremely pure, produced on basis of gas-to-liquid process)
  • Flashpoint > 65°C
  • Extremely low aromatics concentration: 0.007% maximum
  • Extremely low sulphur concentration: 0.0001% maximum
  • Suitable for all heater brands
  • Produced on basis of gas-to-liquid (GTL) process
  • Packaged in 100% recycleable PET packaging with childproof closures

Extremely pure fuel: ISO paraffin

The basis for Qlima Kristal is gas. Gas contains smaller quantities of aromatics and sulphur than paraffin, which is a product made of crude oil, allowing optimum results to be obtained. By means of to the gas-to-liquid (GTL) production process, the gas is first converted to liquid. Next, the components of this liquid are converted back to longer chemical chains by means of an oligomerisation process, resulting in isoparaffin. After hydrogenation, Qlima Kristal is created. This is virtually odourless, aromate-free, and sulphur-free. It is the very best heater fuel currently available on the market.

Because Qlima only works with high-quality products, your heater and its components will suffer less wear and tear, prolonging its lifetime by up to 20 years. Qlima Kristal is packaged in a PET can with childproof closure - an innovation by Qlima. Result: 100% recycleable fuel cans.