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High-tech production and filling plant in Ghent

Qlima Premium Quality Fuels are produced and filled in our own plant. We look after the entire process, including purchasing and storage of raw materials, and the filling, packaging, labelling, and transport of the final product.

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Qlima Kristal: an odourless heater fuel for paraffin heaters

A Qlima Premium Quality Fuel for the ultimate comfort experience. Qlima Kristal will guarantee the highest level of comfort. It is odourless and will ensure a long life span for your heater and its components. It is the best heater fuel available on the market.

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Don’t call Qlima Premium Quality Fuels ordinary paraffin!

The quality of heater fuels strongly depends on the extent of their purity and cleanliness. The most important indicators for a clean and pure heater fuel are its aromatics and sulphur concentrations.

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The security of Qlima Premium Quality Fuels

The security of Qlima Premium Quality Fuels: highest quality, highest yield, and greatest comfort.

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