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Some points of attention when choosing a pellet heater

Some points of attention when choosing a pellet heaterWhen choosing a Qlima pellet heater, your home situation must meet a number of conditions. After you have determined this, just choose the preferred model and it can be installed.

Your home situation

  • Keep in mind not to place the heater too close to curtains or other flammable materials.
  • If your floor is flammable, the heater has to be placed on a fireproof floor plate.
  • Pellet heaters are suitable for dry rooms, such as living rooms and kitchens.
  • There should be an input of fresh air near the heater.
  • There should also be a socket near the heater.
  • The flue gases are exhausted by way of a flue. Determine in advance whether you will choose:
  • A horizontal exhaust
  • A vertical exhaust (through the roof)
  • A connection to an existing flue.

Choose the right model

Qlima has a suitable pellet heater to match any room. When choosing the model, take note of the following points:

  • The volume of the room to be heated: the heater should have sufficient heating capacity for the particular room.
  • The size of the pellet reservoir: the larger the reservoir, the larger the number of autonomous combustion hours.
  • The side where the hot air will be blown out: from the front or from the top of the heater.

Because Qlima pellet heaters are available in different models, there will always be one to match your interior. All Qlima pellet heaters are free-standing. That is to say: they do not have to be built into the wall.