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Qlima pellet heaters: high technology at its finest

Estufas pellet Qlima: una elección responsableA Qlima pellet heater has a built-in reservoir for pellets. This way, you do not need to keep adding pellets all the time. From the reservoir, the pellets are added to the heater. Here they are automatically fired using a spiral filament, while air is introduced in a controlled manner.

Depending on the desired heat, the pellet heater will modify the speed and input of pellets and air. Smoke is blown out by means of a fan. Because of the relatively low temperature of the flue gases (maximum 220ºC) and the mechanical discharge of flue gases, a simple chimney flue will suffice. The closed combustion chamber will ensure that no soot or dust is released into the room.

Heating capacity

A separate fan blows the warmed-up air into the room. Whereas a traditional wood-burning heater will heat up the surface of the heater itself, a pellet heater will particularly heat the air and blow it through the room, quickly resulting in a comfortable temperature all around it. The air is expelled from a grille at the top or side of the heater. The exterior of a pellet heater will remain relatively cool. A Qlima pellet heater will, depending on the chosen model and the circumstances in your home, such as insulation and orientation, be able to warm up a room with a volume of between 150 and 300 m³.


All Qlima models have been equipped with an advanced electronic control system. This will ensure optimum and clean combustion. They also have various safeguards. That is why the pellet heater, depending on the model, may have an efficiency of up to 90%. Thanks to the optimum combustion, this type of heater will give off minimal odour in and around the house. Many Qlima pellet heaters have an adjustable programme, which will allow the heater to be switched on and off automatically at preset times. This will substantially raise user comfort compared to that of a traditional wood-burning heater.