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Qlima pellet heaters: a responsible choice

Qlima pellet heaters: a responsible choiceIs there anything more enjoyable than the cosy comfort of an open fire on cold days?

A pellet heater combines the pleasantness of an open fire with the ease of use of a central heating system. The heater operates on environment-friendly pellets, which are made of wood waste. The Qlima pellet heater is a responsible choice - both for the environment and for your wallet.

Ease of use

Because ease of use is important, the heater is very easy to operate. Just set the desired temperature and the heater will automatically heat the room. The pellets are added via a reservoir on the top. One full tank will ensure many hours of comfortable warmth. The device will look after the infeed of pellets automatically. Talk about comfort...

The Qlima pellet heater will add quality of life to your home, while substantially reducing your monthly energy bills where heating is concerned. No wonder many European countries, including Italy, France and Scandinavia, already love the comfort of pellet heaters.


Lower costs:

  • The efficiency of a pellet heater lies between 80% and 90%.
  • Pellets are widely available - for example in the DIY store - and are very cheap. Moreover, pricing levels have remained constant for many years. Therefore, you know what to expect.
  • A pellet heater requires less electricity than a normal gas-fired central heating system.
  • Because the temperature is precisely adjustable by means of a sensor, it will never consume too much fuel.
  • Thanks to the large pellet reservoir, you do not need to add fuel often. I.e. it has a long autonomy.


  • Pellets are made of waste wood from sawmills. Therefore, no resources are lost and no extra trees are cut down for the production of pellets.
  • Pellets are a CO2-neutral fuel, because the trees concerned have consumed CO2 during their life cycle, releasing the same amount of CO2 again after burning. As a result, no additional CO2 is added to the atmosphere.
  • The pellets are burned in an optimum way, which is why it is a cleaner fuel than ordinary wood. And the tiny quantities that remain after combustion may be used as fertiliser.


  • The heater has an electrical control system with built-in thermostat, which can be easily programmed per day or per week. Is there anything nicer than to come home where it is nice and snug?
  • The automatic circulation system will ensure fast circulation of warm air around the room.
  • Because of the clean combustion process, there will be no unpleasant smell.


  • Qlima pellet heaters are available in various models and colours. You will always find one to match your interior.
  • The large looking glass with the visible flame will add lustre to your home.
  • High-quality materials were selected for the design; materials that will ensure a long life span.


  • A Qlima pellet heater is a safe choice. The heaters have been provided with modern technological features, such as a protection against overheating, exhaust of smoke, and overpressure protection.
  • Should the heater not burn properly, an audible alarm signal will be given.


Each Qlima pellet heater has a 2-year warranty. Enjoy your new comfort provider with optimum peace of mind.

Qlima, specialist in pellet heaters

As a specialist in the area of heating, Qlima is your best option when choosing a pellet heater. We have succeeded in designing a highly advanced product that will meet all your wishes in the area of comfort and ease of use. When choosing a pellet heater by Qlima, you will be ensured comfort of the highest level.