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Pellets, future-proof fuel

Pellets, el combustible del futuroA Qlima pellet heater runs on wood pellets. These pellets have a length of around 2.5 cm and a diameter of approximately 6 mm. These pellets are used as fuel for heating. Pellets are available in many different types; however, there is a difference in quality.

Production process

Pellets are made of compressed wood residue, such as sawdust or wood shavings. The waste is crushed and filtered several times, after which it is dried to remove as much moisture from the product as possible. Subsequently, the wood residue is compressed into pellets at a temperature of approximately 85 degrees. At this temperature, the resin and tannin in the wood will form a protective, smooth layer around the pellets. No chemical components are added! A pellet is a highly concentrated and ultimately pure type of fuel. Finally, the pellets are cooled down, dusted down, and packaged. 


Wood is a CO2-neutral fuel, because the trees concerned have consumed CO2 during their life cycle, releasing the same amount of CO2 again after burning. The CO2 that is released is consumed by other trees. As a result, no additional CO2 is added to the atmosphere. Pellets are becoming more and more popular and are being produced at an increasing number of locations, involving less transport and transport costs. This also contributes to the environment in a positive way. Furthermore, the transport of pellets is completely safe. The energy needed to produce pellets is 7x lower compared to other fuels. An ecological choice, therefore.

Because a pellet heater features excellent combustion of the pellets, very few ashes remain. Moreover, you can use these ashes as fertiliser for your garden. Because the temperature of the heater is set using the thermostat, you will never use more pellets than necessary.

Good for your wallet

Pellets are available anywhere, for example from the DIY store, in bags of 15 kg. If you want larger quantities, these may even be delivered to your home. Moreover, they are very cheap compared to other energy sources. And their price does not depend on fluctuations on the oil market. On the contrary, it has remained quite constant these past years.

Opt for quality

The quality of the wood pellets affects the operation of your heater. To avoid malfunctions, make sure to use high-quality pellets. Choose pellets that have the quality marks DIN, DIN +, NF or ÖNorm. This will guarantee optimum combustion and many years of enjoyment from your heater.

Points of attention when choosing pellets

High-quality pellets: 

  • will sink when put in a glass of water, since their density is greater than 1
  • are firm and will not crumble
  • have a glossy surface
  • have a diameter of 6 mm and a length of approximately 4x the diameter
  • are dark in colour, because they are made of high-quality wood residue
  • meet the following quality standards: ÖNorm M 7135, DIN 51731, DIN plus, FR standard

To ensure optimum combustion, it is important to store the pellets in a dry place.
With your purchase of a Qlima pellet heater, you will contribute to the environment. And what’s more: you will save on your monthly heating bill.