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Qlima Pellets

Wood pellets are available in different types and sizes. Choose the right pellet quality to ensure optimum performance of your heater. To make choosing easy, Qlima has launched its own pellet brand on the market ...

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Qlima pellet heaters: high technology at its finest

All Qlima models have been equipped with an advanced electronic control system. This will ensure optimum and clean combustion. They also have various safeguards. That is why the pellet heater, may have an efficiency over 90% ...

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Qlima pellet heaters: a responsible choice

A pellet heater combines the pleasantness of an open fire with the ease of use of a central heating system. The Qlima pellet heater is a responsible choice - both for the environment and for your wallet ...

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Some points of attention when choosing a pellet heater

When choosing a Qlima pellet heater, your home situation must meet a number of conditions ...

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Installation of a pellet heater

A pellet heater is not difficult to install. Naturally, the heater will be delivered including an extensive installation manual, in which all instructions are clearly presented

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Pellets, future-proof fuel

Existen muchas marcas y tipos de pellet disponibles, existiendo una enorme diferencia de calidad entre ellos ...

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