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Instruction Video Transport Qlima Heaters

To prevent the Qlima heater from leaking fuel or the glass from breaking during transport, make sure to carefully pack the paraffin heater and the burner before moving it to another location.

We recommend you take the following measures:

  • Allow the heater to cool down
  • Take the removable tank from the heater and remove the fuel sieve. It may drip, so be sure to have a piece of cloth at hand
  • Store the fuel sieve and the removable tank outside of the heater
  • Close the opening left by the fuel sieve by means of the transport cap, pushing it on firmly
  • Transport the heater in upright position at all times

If you are no longer in possession of the transport box, particularly of the paraffin heater type Turbo, protect the glass of the burner from falling out by wrapping it with bubble wrap, for example.

Video of the transport of a paraffin heater

We have made a video in which you can see how to best transport your heater. It includes the emptying of the fuel tank.