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Instruction Video replacement of wick

Changing the wick in a heater is a piece of cake. Below, you will find a brief instruction, comprised of simple, basic steps. For an explanation in more detail, please refer to the heater’s user manual or view the self-explanatory demonstration video.

Before you start, make sure of the following:

  • have a new wick at hand. If you do not have one yet, you can order one from your dealer;
  • have the complete user manual at hand should you want to look up any particular issue; the steps below represent an overall guideline only. If you are not or no longer in possession of this user manual, just go to and enter the name of your heater. You will find the type on the information plate on your heater;
  • keep in mind that the old wick may drip. Keep a piece of cloth at hand.

Once you have checked whether the heater is off and you have made sure it has cooled down completely, you can start replacing the wick from the heater.

  1. Removing the fuel tank and the jacket.
    Take the fuel tank and the batteries from the heater. Remove the burner head. Loosen the rotary knob of the heater and remove this as well. Unscrew the jacket from the bottom plate.
  2. Removing the wick. 
    Loosen the burner seat and remove it, together with the wick mechanism. After having loosened the bracket and axle, remove the wick holder by squeezing the wick together.
  3. Installing the new wick
    Place the wick in the holder and place the wick holder including wick over the air shaft. Next, make sure all parts are correctly reassembled.
  4. Inspecting the tilting protection
    Turn the rotary knob completely to the right. Switch on the tilting protection and check several times whether the wick is moved to its lowermost position. If this is not the case, start anew and go through each step once again.
  5. Installation of the heater
    Check whether the combustion chamber is level by moving it from left to right by means of the grip. Close the grille and place back the removable tank and the batteries.

Wait for 30 minutes after having gone through the above steps before using the heater.

Tip: view the instruction video before exchanging the wick in a Qlima paraffin heater.