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Clever mobile heater with frost protection

Estufa portátil inteligente con anticongelación

A Qlima Laser heater can be used to keep the temperature in a room above zero, even during the coldest of winters. The built-in frost protection will permanently monitor the ambient temperature. Whenever the temperature drops to below 5°C, the heater will turn itself on automatically for a short while. This will keep the worst cold at a distance. Ideal, for example, for your shed, garage, greenhouse, workshop, or holiday home.

No exhaust or piping needed. However, the Qlima Laser heater does require a power connection. Qlima Laser heaters are easily moved and have an energy efficiency approaching 100%. In this clever heating system, virtually all fuel is converted into heat. Power consumption is minimal. Qlima Laser heaters have a low fuel consumption - just one litre of fuel will provide up to 5 hours of comfortable warmth. Therefore, you will be able to warm up a room for almost 100 hours using just 20 litres of fuel. If all you want to do is keep a room frost-free, just 20 litres will suffice to last you a regular winter. This heater’s energy consumption is extraordinarily low.

Comfortable warmth - immediately

The mobile Qlima Laser heater with frost prevention represents an excellent solution if the temperature within a room needs to be raised for a shorter or longer period of time. The mobile Qlima heater is started up in just 30 seconds and within 5 minutes the room will be filled with comfortable, radiant heat. The instantaneousness and type of heating are incomparable to the warmth provided by an electric heater. You will find that the warmth provided by a Qlima heater feels like hugging a warm blanket. Snug and comfortable.