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Instruction Video replacement of wick

Changing the wick in a heater is a piece of cake. Here you will find a brief instruction, comprised of simple, basic steps. You can also find an explanation in more detail in the user manual or view the self-explanatory demonstration video ...

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Instruction Video Transport Qlima Heaters

Watch the video in which you can see how to best transport your heater. It includes the emptying of the fuel tank ...

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Save mode + frost protection Qlima Laser heater

Follow the steps to discover how the save mode + frost protections works on your Qlima Laser paraffin heater.

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Advantages Qlima Wick heater

Experience all the advantages of a Qlima wick heater: no electricity, no installation, no gas needed. Just instant warmth at the press of a button.

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Advantages of a paraffin heater over a gas or electric heater

A Qlima paraffin heater stands out because of its economy, safety, and comfort. What’s more: it has a 4-year warranty.

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Localised heating: clever, fast, and economical

Due to the the low energy consumption and a high capacity, a Qlima paraffin heater is the ideal form of heating, whether it is your main heater or just an additional one.

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Clever mobile heater with frost protection

A Qlima Laser heater can be used to keep the temperature in a room above zero, even during the coldest of winters. The built-in frost protection will permanently monitor the ambient temperature ...

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Paraffin heater, ideal for attic, workshop, or hobby room

The compact Qlima heaters are easily moved. As a result, they are ultimately suitable for (additional) heating in a conservatory, summerhouse, holiday home, mobile home, or tent ...

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