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The ideal split unit air conditioners

The ideal split unit air conditionersA wall-mounted model or split unit air conditioner is a lasting and silent climate solution. Indoors, a compact unit with thermostat is mounted, while the compressor is mounted outside.

Many people think installing a split unit airco is expensive and difficult, but the Qlima SC-series air conditioners with quick connector proves the contrary. Do-it-yourself The Qlima SC-series air conditioners are equipped with a 100% leakproof Parker™ quick connector. The flexible pipes are already mounted. Making a small hole in the wall is sufficient. This way, almost all of the installation can be done by most do-it-yourselvers. This can save you an incredible amount of money and it is a quick solution.

Only the coupling of the pipes should be done by an authorized professional. Mostly, this takes only a minute. Silent and energy-efficient A wall mounted Qlima SC-series airco is very energy-efficient (energyrating A) and is equipped with a heat pump, that quickly lowers the temperature in the house. The indoor climate then feels comfortable again.

The silent Inverter-technology prevents fluctuations of the temperature in the room, enabling you to save up to 35% on energy! Cooling and heating In the hot summermonths, Qlima split unit airconditioners can be used to cool the air. This often improves the productivity, reduces health problems and makes people sleep better.

Even though you might not expect it, Qlima split unit air conditioners can be used to warm your house as well. The integrated heat pump of these aircos can be used as an economical alternative for the expensive central heating.

Furthermore, these split units can control the humidity and purity of the air indoors: a Qlima split unit combines all functions to create the best air quality indoors possible. Over 30 years of experience in climate control to feel comfortable in your house, that is what Qlima is all about. The quality of the air indoors is very important to achieve this.

For over 30 years, we have been offering high quality solutions to create a comfortable indoor climate.