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Parker, the best quick connector

Parker, the best quick connectorThe wall mounted split unit airconditioners with quick connector have become very popular in recent years. No wonder: because of the supplied connection pipes you can save a lot of money on installation costs, making the purchase of an airconditioner with heating pump more interesting.

Safety first with Parker the best quick connector for aircos

After extensive evaluation, Qlima has chosen the Parker quick connector (RC-04) for its easy to install split unit airco. It is not the cheapest solution available, but it is one that meets our requirements. Connectors made by other brands were less reliable during the linking of the pipes and using the airconditioner, even though security is very important in this case.

All airconditioners use refrigerants R407C and R410A, that are environmentally friendly. However, these are still not allowed to leak into the environment. Therefore we have specific and strict requirements for the tightness of our refrigeration systems.

Certified by CEIS The patented Parker U.S. RC-04 quick connector is UL listed and has proven itself during years of use in professional (military) applications. Although Parker itself has strict quality procedures, we have had our Qlima airconditioners tested independently by CEIS in Madrid, a well-known laboratory. We wanted to know how our product compares to the EU legislation.

The certificate that applies to our airconditioners proves that during the various tests, no leakage of refrigerant has been observed. Legislation prescribes that the final linking of the pipes, through the overhaul of the simple patented quick connector, should be done by an authorized professional.

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