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Mobiele of Wandmodel Qlima Airconditioner

Virtually all cars sold have an air conditioner. Which is logical, because the amount of glass used in a car will make it very hot inside, especially during the summer season. The result: an unpleasant sticky feeling. Moreover, many people will suffer from headaches or nausea as a result of the heat. Thanks to a properly functioning air conditioner, the interior climate will quickly be normalized. We instantly feel better.

Air conditioning in the home

The same applies to our homes. And as the climate is changing, temperatures are rising. Especially during the summer months. Experts expect the climate in Western Europe to become more and more Mediterranean. However, most houses and apartments in these parts have not been built for that. Analogous to cars, the often large windows will result in rising temperatures, which may become very uncomfortable. This may lead to drowsiness and sleeping problems, among other problems.

Ideal circumstances

In general, we feel most comfortable at a temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees and a relative humidity of around 50%. When ventilating your home does not suffice, an air conditioner will prove an ideal solution.

Immediate comfort thanks to a mobile air conditioner

As temperatures rise, a mobile air conditioner by Qlima will bring instant relief. You don’t need to wait for an engineer to install it, and, consequently, there will be no installation costs. Just plug in the device, lead the exhaust hose carrying hot air outside, and you are ready to enjoy a comfortably cool interior climate. Simply operated by means of the remote control that is included. Your sleeping problems, if those were the reason for purchasing the air conditioner, will be a thing of the past. And, thanks to the mobility of the air conditioner, it is as easily moved back to the living room. The most popular air conditioner is the P 1 series by Qlima. It features a very low energy consumption and has Energy Label A. All mobile air conditioners will cool down the air, while dehumidifying and purifying it at the same time. Qlima air conditioners operate on the basis of an environment-friendly refrigerant.

Permanent comfort with the wall-mounted air conditioner

Naturally, you are free to choose a more permanent solution, such as the Qlima wall-mounted air conditioner. Inside is a compact unit with thermostat function, while the compressor part is installed on the exterior wall. Thanks to this construction, and the closed cooling circuit, the device is ultimately efficient. These models are equipped with a heat pump, which provides ideal and energy-efficient additional heating in winter.