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Choosing the right air conditioner

Choosing the right air conditionerWhen purchasing an air conditioner, a number of things should be taken into account. First, it is important to choose an air conditioner with the correct cooling capacity. This capacity depends on the size of the space, the isolation method of the house, the number of windows and other factors that could cause a room to warm up.

When you know the right cooling capacity, it is time to decide what type of air conditioner you prefer: a mobile air conditioner, a split unit air conditioner or a split unit air conditioner with a Parker™ quick connector?

Each of these types has its specific advantages and disadvantages. Mobile air conditioners: direct cooling A mobile airconditioner is an excellent solution when direct result is desired. These models do not need to be installed by a professional. Plug the appliance in, make sure the drain hose leads outside and the air conditioner is ready for use. The effect is immediately noticeable.

These devices can be used wherever you need cooling. These models cannot only cool, but they can dehumidify as well. Moreover, they can extract odors and unhealthy particles from the air. All Qlima mobile air conditioners are equipped with sophisticated 3M filters that work against pollen, dust and animal hair.

Besides the standard mobile air conditioners, there are models that have a heat pump as well, so they can be used (in combination with a portable outdoor unit) to warm the house. Such an air conditioner is ideal in places where the permanent installation of a wall model is not allowed. Above all, the compressor in the outdoor unit is very quiet.

Air conditioners for cooling and heating

More and more people are opting for a permanent regulatory environment in their homes by choosing a wall mounted air conditioner. Inside, a compact unit with thermostat function is installed, while the other unit is mounted outside.

The indoor and the outdoor unit are connected with a thin pipe. When the right capacity is chosen, cold air can be felt in the whole room. The energy-efficient heat pump can also be used to heat your home in an economical way, especially in the spring and fall.

This makes a wall-mounted Qlima the ideal solution for in your living room, bedroom, office space or home office. Other advantages of these models are the low noise level and the special filters, optimizing the purity of the indoor air.

Before purchasing a wall mounted model, you should be absolutely sure that the placement of a wall model in your house is not prohibited. You should also bear in mind that installing a regular wall mounted unit should be done by an authorized professional.

Parker™ Quick Connectors: more comfort, less money

Besides the regular split unit air conditioners, Qlima offers wall mounted models with a quick connector for the do-it-yourselvers. These are equipped wit flexible stainless steel pipes and a proven quick connector. This makes these models very simple to install and you can save up to hundreds of pounds on installation costs. In addition, it takes less time.

Qlima, European market leader in climate control for your home

As a supplier of various climate solutions, Qlima always offers a suitable air conditioner, for every problem and for every budget. Qlima you to achieve a pleasant living environment in your home throughout the year.