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Qlima humidifier: Ideal around the home

Qlima Bevochtiger: Ideaal in Huis

Bedrooms, living rooms, baby rooms and workspaces are examples of rooms where a sound relative humidity is of crucial importance.

When is the relative humidity too low?

Using a central heating system or lighting a fire in winter may easily cause the humidity to drop to below 40%. While a pleasant interior climate regarding living and working spaces has a relative humidity of between 50 and 60%. As a standard, the cold outside air is far too dry in winter. When this air is heated, after it has entered your home, moisture will be drawn from other aspects, including furniture, plants, and the skin and mucous membranes of people and animals.

Consequences of air that is too dry

The effect of air that is too dry may not be noticed at first, but you will feel it. The skin on your hands will become dry and your lips may become chapped. If you wear contact lenses, these may feel uncomfortable because your eyes start stinging. Other effects of too low a relative humidity include irritation to mucous membranes and winter fatigue. Wooden possessions, such as musical instruments, furniture and parquet floors, will also suffer from the dryness in your home.

Humidifiers will help

A Qlima air humidifier will introduce litres of moisture into the air on a daily basis. An ultrasonic element will add a cool mist to the surrounding atmosphere. This is done by means of vibrations. An added advantage is that ions are released at the same time, contributing to a balanced interior climate. This way, both relative humidity and air vitality are optimised. Even the distribution of allergens is limited, reducing annoying symptoms of any allergies to a large extent.

Extra comfort

Qlima has three models. The basic models, H 130 and H 218, which have a capacity of 3.12 and 8 litres per day, respectively, have a timer function and a hygrometer. The H 509 model, max 9 litres per day, has an additional ‘hot mist’ option, which ensures 20% extra capacity. The built-in water softener of the H 509 will prevent lime scale if the water that is used contains too much lime.

Effective and low energy consumption

Each model is light-weight and can be easily moved from one room to another. The ultrasonic humidification process uses a minimum amount of energy. The H 509 even has an option to adjust the relative humidity yourself. This way, every room will be humidified in an optimum way.

Qlima, the climate expert

For over 30 years Qlima has been dedicated to climate control around the home. We have a complete range of products aimed at the heating, cooling down, dehumidifying, humidifying, and purification of air. We are continually working on innovations in the areas of technology and design. This has enabled us to build up years and years of valuable knowledge and experience and we have built up an excellent reputation, a reputation that stands for sustainability and high-quality solutions. We make no concessions! Moreover, our products are very simple to operate. When you choose Qlima, you will be assured a favourable price-performance ratio, reliable service, and a minimum of two years warranty.