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Protect your interior with a Qlima humidifier

Bescherm je Interieur met een Qlima Bevochtiger

A pleasant interior climate is very important for the prevention of common problems around the house. A Qlima humidifier may be deployed to improve the general air quality. If the air is too dry, this may cause problems to furniture, floors, musical instruments, and other possessions.

The air may get very dry as a result of the central heating system, a fireplace, or floor heating. Too low a relative humidity may negatively affect the living environment, health, and the interior of a building. And what to think of wooden furniture, musical instruments or works of art! Each of these problems is solved relatively easily using a Qlima humidifier.

Damage to furniture

Too low a relative humidity will damage furniture and antiques. Wood will shrink when the relative humidity in your home is too low. Cracks will appear in furniture and antiques. In addition, wooden floors will suffer from too low a relative humidity. As a result of the shrinking wood, cracks appear. These will become more and more apparent as the problem continues. Plinths may even come off the wall.

Damage to other possessions

Expensive musical instruments may get out of tune when the relative humidity drops to an unacceptable level. Works of art, plants and pets will also suffer. The eyes and bronchi of pets may become irritated as a result of low relative humidity.

The solution?

If the relative humidity is between 50 and 60, which is an ideal and healthy percentage, all of these problems will be a thing of the past. This humidity level is easily realised by means of a Qlima humidifier. The most powerful model is the H509. It is extremely quiet. You’ll hardly notice it is there at all. Almost all Qlima humidifiers are equipped with a timer. They operate on the basis of the ultrasonic cool mist technology. They consume very little energy indeed and weigh only very little, allowing them to be easily moved.

Simple to use 

Qlima humidifiers can be filled with ordinary tap water, on the condition that its lime content does not exceed 40-75 mg/litre. If you live in a lime-rich environment, it is best to use demineralised water. The Qlima H 509 is provided with a special water softener, so it will suffer very little limescale. As long as the water reservoir is filled and the device is operational, it can be operated with a single touch of the button.