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Prevent mould in your home

Prevent mould in your homeSlime moulds, or myxomycetes, are present everywhere around us. They break down organic material, such as food and leaves. Moulds are very small - microscopic, in fact - which is why they easily move through the air. And that is how they get into your home as well. Should you worry about these moulds around your house? Not really. Our bodies deal with these moulds and remove them by way of our noses and lungs. It’s when the moulds are allowed to grow, for example in humid conditions, that they may damage our homes and the health of its inhabitants.

Cause of mould in your home

Moulds require two things to grow: food and moisture. Walls and ceilings can serve as suitable food for moulds. Add some moisture, for example by way of a leak or high humidity, and the moulds will start growing. If there is a musty smell in a house, this will often point to mould, as will dark discolourations, which may have a downy look. Keep in mind that the mould patch may be larger than you think. Often, moulds grow underneath walls or at the back of tiles.

How to prevent mould?

Mould in the house may be prevented by keeping the relative humidity in check. Good ventilation will be a start. Should the humidity still exceed the upper ideal limit, you may consider purchasing a Qlima air dehumidifier. We have a suitable dehumidifier for any room.