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How does a Qlima air dehumidifier work?

Hoe Werkt een Qlima LuchtontvochtigerIf you have a damp problem, you will probably be sadly aware of this. Your first thought may be to purchase a chemical dehumidifier. However, this simple tray with absorption pellets will hardly solve your problem. The absorption capacity of the pellets is just too low to have any long-term effect.

Effective solutions

Qlima air dehumidifiers offer a real solution to the damp problem. Qlima air dehumidifiers will extract many litres of water from the surrounding air - on a daily basis! - and condensate these within the device. Humid air is sucked into the dehumidifier by means of a fan, after which it is immediately blown through the evaporator. This will substantially cool down the air, causing water to be released. This so-called condensate is collected in the water reservoir, or it may be directly discharged by way of a permanent drain. The cold air that remains will now pass through the warm condenser. The warmed-up, dry air is blown back into the room, resulting in a lower humidity in that room.

Relative humidity

There is always some moisture present in a room. This relative humidity is indicated in terms of a percentage. The ideal relative humidity is between 50% and 60%. When the temperature in a room rises, the air within the room is able to contain more moisture. As the temperature drops, this moisture is released from the air and will condensate on all surfaces within the room. The air dehumidifiers by Qlima are ideal for use in living rooms, basements, laundry rooms, bedrooms, garages, sheds, and hobby rooms. Choose Qlima for an ideal relative humidity!