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Avoid damp problems

If you have a damp problem, it is best to find a solution quickly. After all, it does not disappear by itself. Any damage already done will only get worse if you postpone the matter. You can solve the damp problem by providing sufficient ventilation and by keeping the relative humidity under control by means of an air dehumidifier.

Tips for controlling damp

By observing the simple tips below, you may help to control the damp problems in your home.

  • It is very important to ventilate! Leave the ventilation hatch open at all times, or leave a window slightly ajar.
  • Also ventilate when the weather is damp; outside air will always be less humid than the air inside the house.
  • If you like to dry your laundry indoors, this is best done in a well-ventilated room.
  • When the weather is nice, it is best to dry your washing outside - this will also save energy.
  • After cleaning your house, make sure to dry all surfaces well.
  • When cooking, keep the lids on the pans as much as possible, in order to limit water vapour.
  • After cooking, extra ventilation is needed; therefore, leave the cooker hood on for a little while longer, or open a window.
  • It is wise to provide extra ventilationAvoid damp problems after having taken a shower.