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Innovative filtering system

Innovatief Filtersysteem Qlima Luchtreinigers

Qlima air purifiers and air conditioners will filter unhealthy elements from the air. This way, they guarantee healthy air, which smells clean and fresh as well.

Screen filter

Qlima air conditioners and air purifiers have all been equipped with a screen filter that filters coarse particles, such as dust, from the air.

3M™ HAF filter

Qlima air conditioners and air purifiers have this electrostatic filter, by the renowned 3M company, which captures the tiny particles that may cause allergic reactions.

Active carbon filter

Nasty smells can be a great nuisance. That is why all air conditioners and air purifiers by Qlima have been provided with an active carbon filter that absorbs unpleasant smells.

Changing the filter system

The cleaning power of the filters will diminish over time. This is why they should be exchanged at least once every season. You can obtain or order new filters from your Qlima point of sale.