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Be prepared for pollen with an air purifier

Wees Voorbereid op Pollentijd met LuchtreinigerPollen allergy is also called hay fever. Which is a strange term, really, because there is no sign of a fever at all. Moreover, it is not hay that causes it, but the pollen of certain trees, grasses, and herbs that are released into the air.


When people have become allergic to these, an oversensitivity reaction will follow, particularly involving the nasal mucous membrane. As a result, they will be sneezing all the time and their noses may be runny or blocked. Often their complaints will be accompanied by irritated eyes, throat and ears. The moment an allergy occurs corresponds to the flowering season of the pollen concerned. Pollen peaks roughly occur between April and September.

Air purifier provides relief

An air purifier by Qlima is an excellent means to filter pollen from the air. Qlima will purify the air in your home! If you like, you may go and view our complete range of products at your local Qlima dealer.