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EAN: 8713508773988

The Qlima WR01 compact waste reducer is a real asset in your kitchen. It cuts down your organic rubbish, like vegetables, rice, meat and leftovers, by an unbelievable 80%. And unpleasant odours and vermin in your kitchen are a thing of the past.

The Qlima WR01 makes it easy for you. Put the rubbish into the appliance’s waste bin, switch it on and let the environmentally friendly processing begin. Within a short space of time, you’ll have 80% less waste, it is hygienic and you’ll no longer have nasty smells and flies in your kitchen.

The Qlima waste reducer is compact and has an attractive, sleek design. Put it on your work top, and you’ll always have it to hand.
The Qlima WR01 requires no maintenance, it is simple to clean and easy to operate.

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Specifications WR01

EAN 8713508773988
Nominal power (W) 110
Sound power level (dB) 26.5
Total electricity consumption during complete cycle (19h) in W 1200 (900 gr)
Volume of the waste container (L) 5
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