• ASE1020
  • ASE1020
  • ASE1020
  • ASE1020
  • ASE1020
EAN: 8713508773902

The Qlima ASE 1020 ash collector is a handy tool for cleaning your pellet stove, wood stove, fireplace and/or barbecue.

The ASE 1020 ash collector is nothing more than a container for collecting ash particles, one that fits onto your ordinary vacuum cleaner. The model does not have its own motor. Instead, you use the suction power of your ordinary vacuum cleaner without running the risk of clogging the filter and burning out the motor on your vacuum cleaner.

The ASE 1020 is fitted with a HEPA filter; this is a special washable filter that extracts very fine dust particles out of the air emitted from the vacuum cleaner. The air that is blown out of the appliance is clean and this helps to maintain an optimum indoor climate.

Product sheet

PS_ASE 1020_22_ENGLISH.pdf

Specifications ASE1020

EAN 8713508773902
Lengt of power cord (m) 0
Length of suction tube (m) 1.2
Tank capacity (L) 20
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