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EAN: 8713508785158

The H 724 humidifier has a capacity of no less than 24 liters per day. The XXL tank allows the humidifier to spread revitalized air for 24 - 32 enjoyable hours. The unit is suitable for rooms up to 310 m³.

Due to the use of ultrasonic technology the energy consumption of the unit in cool mist mode is low. The unit is provided with a rotatable top cap, introducing a 360º selectable moisture flow outlet direction.

The required moisture output can be adjusted by means of a button, 3 mist capacities can be selected.

It is possible to add a few drops of essential oil in a sponge located in the spray nozzle. The essential oils are dispersed with the mist.

Product sheet


Specifications H724

EAN 8713508785158
Humidifying capacity (L/24hr) 24
Suitable for spaces until (m³) 310
Water reservoir capacity (L) 24
Years of Guarantee 2
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