• PEW3015
  • PEW3015
  • PEW3015
  • PEW3015
EAN: 8713508773872

The PEW 3015 patio heater is first in class for those looking for a heater that emits powerful heat radiation, and that you can attach to the façade, wall or ceiling easily.

The capacity of this wall-mounted model is an unbelievable 1500 Watts. Halogen emits a comforting warmth and its advantage is that it is not affected by wind. This patio heater is made of high-quality materials, for instance, it has a cast aluminium housing. Not only are you buying a good quality heater, you can sit outdoors for longer when the evenings are a bit chillier.

Product sheet

ps_PEW 3015 V1.pdf

Specifications PEW3015

EAN 8713508773872
Heater output (W) 1500
Heating capacity per heating tube 1500
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