• PEC2021
  • PEC2021
EAN: 8713508773827

The PEC 2021 electric patio heater is a beautiful hanging lamp. Thanks to its red halogen rays, it is an attractive addition to your balcony or terrace. Halogen gives the most powerful heat radiation of the electric patio heaters. It is a comfortable heat and is not affected by wind. Because the patio heater is suspended, it also doesn’t take up any space at all.

The powerful PEC 2021 electric heater has a capacity of 1200 to 2100 Watts. You can adjust the heat setting to suit you whenever you like by simply and easily using the remote control.

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Specifications PEC2021

EAN 8713508773827
Heater output (W) 2100
Heating capacity per heating tube 1200/900
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