• SRE3230TC
  • SRE3230TC
EAN: 8713508770062

This heater is equipped with a burner system that heats up extremely quick and very gradual. This gives a more comfortable heating sensation.

The heater has a self-regulating temperature control system: Fuzzy Logic. The heating mode can be set according to the requirements.

Furthermore the heater is equipped with a 24-hour programmable timer and integrated thermostatic control to maintain the desired room temperature.

Product sheet


Specifications SRE3230TC

EAN 8713508770062
Heating capacity min (W) 1080
Heating capacity max (W) 3000
Suitable heating capacity min (m³) 48
Suitable heating capacity max (m³) 120
Power consumption start (W) 335
Power consumption min. (W) 78
Power consumption max. (W) 123
Min. Burning Time (hour) 16
Max. Burning Time (h) 44
Fuel consumption min (gr/h) 90
Fuel consumption max (gr/h) 250
Fuel consumption min (l/h) 0.113
Fuel consumption max (l/h) 0.313
Fuel tank capacity (L) 5
Sound pressure level min (dB(A)) 28
Sound pressure level max (dB(A)) 35
Years of Guarantee 4
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