• R7227STC-2
  • R7227STC-2
  • R7227STC-2
EAN: 8713508709659

The Qlima R 7227 S -TC-2 is a battery-powered portable heater and operates without electricity. No installation is required and with an output of 2.7 kW it is suitable for heating rooms up to 95 m³.

This portable heater is equipped with spark ignition, a practical and fast system to minimize start up time when switching on: at the push of a button it starts heating quickly and gradually, giving a pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort.

Thanks to the tip over safety switch and overheat protection, the use is 100% safe and with a tank of 4.2 liters, this heater can offer a heating autonomy of up to 15 hours.

The appliance is also covered by a 4-year warranty; for correct operation and the validity of the warranty, we recommend the use of original Qlima fuels.

The package includes a free manual syphon pump for faster and easier refueling.

Product sheet

PS_Qlima_R 7227S TC-2_21_SLOVENIAN.pdf

Specifications R7227STC-2

EAN 8713508709659
Heating capacity max (W) 2700
Suitable heating capacity min (m³) 45
Suitable heating capacity max (m³) 95
Max. Burning Time (h) 15
Fuel consumption max (gr/h) 225
Fuel consumption max (l/h) 0.281
Fuel tank capacity (L) 4.2
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